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Using Associative and Dissociative Thinking



   We view past experiences through our memories like watching a movie. While you already knew this, it’s important to highlight this to show that you control the way you view your past experiences. For example, you may like to relive a great moment that happened to you in high school. Maybe it’s your last football game of your senior year and you scored a touchdown to win and put your team in the playoffs. You now have this memory that has all sorts of positive sensations attached to it...

What Does It Mean to Quit?



Weeks 2 and 3 of rescue swimmer school were some of the hardest weeks for me physically. Any weaknesses in the pool or on land will be highlighted and taken advantage of. My most glaring weakness coming into school was my poor water treading ability. I can tread water forever! But the second you put a dive brick in my hands I struggle for about 10 seconds then start to sink. This is largely if not wholly due to my in ability to master the egg beater kick. If you’re in my boat than you know the feeling. If not...

Meet Cody

His story began about a year after graduating high school, that’s when Cody left the University of Oregon to join the United States Coast Guard. During his time in the service, Cody graduated from one of the most elite schools in the military, known as Coast Guard Helicopter Rescue Swimmer School. After graduating, Cody spent four years serving the Great Lakes region as a Helicopter Rescue Swimmer conducting search and rescue operations. During his time in the Great Lakes he began to collect and write down the lessons he learned as a rescue swimmer in the form of a best-selling Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer book. 

​Shortly after completing his book, Cody left the Coast Guard to finish his degree at the University of Colorado in Boulder, Colorado, where he currently resides. 

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